Local Information

Conference Venues

The event will be held in two different venues in Swansea; the Computational Foundry in the Bay Campus and the Village Hotel.

Venue 1 (for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 18th, 19th and 20th of September): the Computational Foundry building of Swansea University on Bay Campus.

When you arrive at the campus, head towards the tower. You will see the Great Hall building there, which stands out. The Computational Foundry is right across the field from the Great Hall. The registration desk will be located on the first floor, up the stairs or elevator as you enter the Computational Foundry.

Venue 2 (for Thursday & Friday 21st and 22nd of September): The Village Hotel, Langdon Road, Swansea (in the Swansea Marina area). There will be a registration desk on the first floor.


You are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements. We recommend either of the following three hotels, as they are both in the general vicinity of the two venues for the meeting, between the city centre and the university campus.

If you are looking for alternative accommodation, we recommend staying in the city centre closer to the Maritime Quarter or in the vicinity of the bus station. These locations are best if you rely on public transport to get to the venue. A free bus transfer has been arranged – see below for details.

Conference Dinner & Walk

The conference dinner will take place at sunset on Thursday 21 September overlooking the sea at a coastal point of natural beauty (Oxwich Bay). This dinner is informal and will be preceded by an hour-long gentle walk along the coastal path and beach, a place of outstanding natural beauty.  For the dinner, please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for a modest walk. Those indisposed to a walk they can enjoy a drink at the restaurant’s bar overlooking the sea, a direct bus to the restaurant will be available to take our delegates to and from the hotels and Oxwich Bay. More details on times will be available on the day.

For a description of Alan Dix’s current Welsh walking and his long walk around the entire coast of Wales, see this webpage: https://alandix.com/.

Getting to Swansea

The closest airports to Swansea are Cardiff and Bristol but you may also consider flying into London (Heathrow or Gatwick). There may be better options for onward journeys from these airports. For more information on getting to Swansea, visit this page.

In Swansea

Note that Swansea University has two campuses, which are located on opposite sides of the city. Make sure you travel to the Bay Campus.


We have hired a bus to take delagates to and from the Bay Campus and the Village hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday, to Mumbles for the Welcome Reception, and to Oxwich Bay for the conference dinner.

The bus leaves 8.15 from the Village hotel car park on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and leaves from Bay Campus at 17.30pm. back to the Village hotel at 17.30pm (and then to Mumbles on the Wednesday).

Local Bus Services

If you wish to travel outside those times, you can use services X1, X5 or X7 by First or T6 service to Brecon by N.A.T. (Adventure Travel). Please note that all buses depart from the Swansea Bus Station and stop on the main road, opposite the Bay Campus.

From the Vllage Hotel:

If you’re staying at or in the vicinity of the Village Hotel, the closest bus stops are Old Police Station and Union Inn. The bus X1 will stop at these stations if you give a signal by holding out your arm. X1 reaches Union Inn at 9:10 and Old Police Station a little earlier.

For information on local bus services check Public Transport Info Page.

Our recommended options to arrive before 9:00:

From hotels downtown (e.g., Premier Inn):

X1 departing from the Bus Station to Fabian Way (Bay Campus).
8:50 – 9:01

X7 departing from the Bus Station to Fabian Way (Bay Campus). This bus also stops at Sainsbury’s Bus Stop.
8:40 – 8:51

38 departing from the Bus Station to Fabian Way (Bay Campus). This bus also stops at Sainsbury’s Bus Stop.
8:25 – 8:36